This simple guide will provide all the information you need for the daily care of Lola & Betto items and will offer helpful tips to ensure their longevity. 


Our products are made with natural fibres that can be machine washed at home, except for The Green Leafs and Contrasting edges that, for their embroidery on edge, require washing by hand.

If you want to have softer products, we recommend you to do the first wash without detergent, to not fix the little starch used.

Here are some suggestions for the washing phase:

  • It's strongly recommended to wash Lola & Betto products in a laundry bag;
  • Any stains must be treated before washing. We recomend treating stains when they are fresh, once solidified they could be stubborn to remove;
  • Use a detergent without bleach or fabric softener.


Natural fibres, if spread with little care, wrinkle a lot, so there are some tips to follow to minimize wrinkles. It is suggested to beat them well and then place them on the threads and let them dry, avoiding direct sunlight.


It is strongly recommended to iron the products when still damp; this will help to remove the creases created during drying. Alternatively, you can equip yourself with a spray containing water, to be used even for the most stubborn wrinkles.

In the case of 100% Linen products, never use steam.  

Always iron Lola & Betto products inside out.